Dear yoga girls and ladies,

did you think already what would you like to find under the Christmas tree? Maybe you’d like something which will make you even more beautiful, something what will fit you more than well and even help you on your yoga journey at the same time. So how about new leggins? Not just ordinary leggins, those are especially for YOGAHOLICKS 🙂

How did it happen?

I had a dream. I wanted to create my own leggins especially for yoga. Because of yoga is my everyday life, that’s why I realized that the yoga outfit is important. Not because it matters how you look like, but because it matters how do you feel in it!

author: Magdalena Klizova

I tried quite a few leggins in my life 🙂 And I don’t really like to waste the time and money buying new once again and again.

To be honest during yoga, I want to be focused on yoga and don’t want to be distracted with what I’m wearing.“

One leggins I tried were sliding down with every new asana I made, the next one were pulled with every washing, or loosing the colour. the other ones were made from the material, that my skin couldn’t even breathe (and you know that you sweat a lot during yoga). The last ones I had were that transparent that my fellow yogis could easily see my underwear 🙂

„So, I basicly wanted leggins which I can forget about when I’m wearing them.“ Leggins which are lightweight, trendy and I ca wear them either outdoors and aither inside the studio.

„Because I travel a lot and do yoga in different parts of the world, I needed one leggins for everything. And I found them :)“

But it would not happen without my amazing boyfriend, he started his yoga journey and this was part of his karma-yoga, literally 😀 I had an idea and the dream and he helped me to make it true! He spent hours and hours of working on it and definitelly trained the patience to it’s maximum level 🙂 But it was so worth it!

author: Magdalena Klizova

So what is it all about?

Finally I have something to wear for my yoga time 🙂 In cooperation with ELEVEN sportswear we created the LEGGINS FOR YOGAHOLICK!

If you’re interested in textile, this is the information for you. Our leggins are made from the mixture of polyester and elastomer in the special ratio which ensure the softness, buthe main thing is the maximal adjustment to your body movements and shape.

Basicly those leggins are like your second skin but more lighter and floppy 🙂

author: Magdalena Klizova

How about the size?

Basicly whichever size you wer for normal trousers you need to wear one size smaller leggins for Yogaholick. So if you normally wear size M, you need our leggins in size S.

You need XS if you have:

waist: 69 – 72 cm

hips: 91 – 94 cm

height: 156 – 160 cm

You need S if you have:

waist: 72 – 76 cm

hips: 94 – 98 cm

height: 160 – 164

You need M if you have:

waist: 76 – 80 cm

hips: 98 – 102 cm

height: 164 – 168

The leggins are very flexible, so don’t be worry about every centimeter 🙂

author: Magdalena Klizova

How to order and how much does it cost?

The easiest way is to send me the message or e-mail 🙂

Contact me via facebook:


Or place your order here.

The price is 220 Aed and if you order prior Christmas, shipping is for free!

Under the Christmas tree you’ll recieve GIFT VOUCHER, so whoever is this gift for, she could choose the right size for her just after all Christmas rush. If is it for you, you can choose the correct size just after all christmas eating 😀

Dear gentlemen, this is great tip for you either 🙂 You can give the voucher to your better half and she can decide later, which size she wants to wear 🙂

author: Magdalena Klizova

So why would you have leggins from us?

„Because they are from yogis for yogis. From Yogaholick for yogaholicks. And just because they’re your second skin which will last almost forever.“